Finally—slow down and savor life, with the ones you love most.

When my husband and I married in 2006, I planned an epic Disney vacation to celebrate blending our families.

There were a lot of incredible memories made on that trip, but the moment that stands out the most, funny enough, happened when we were riding the shuttle back to our Disney resort after a full day at the parks.

I watched as my 14-year-old stepson leaned his head against the pole and closed his eyes—he was completely tuckered out (do you know how hard it is to tucker out a 14-year-old?!). Mission accomplished!

It was so refreshing to see my family exhausted not from a late night spent scrolling on phone screens, a marathon homework session, or racing around to endless afterschool activities—but from some good, old-fashioned family fun. 

Meet Erika Dulmaine, Your Family Travel Expert

I think this is exactly what more families need these days—and I believe travel has the power to deliver it.

Your Blue Ocean itinerary will be perfectly tailored to your family’s needs and travel style—with plenty of free time built in. Because who wants a vacation as stressful and hectic as regular life? Not my clients. They’re looking for the kind of escape that frees them up to simply focus on making memories together, whether that’s at the beach, around the pool, or on an ocean sailing from island to island.

I make this stress-free dream not only possible, but easy (yay!) by planning everything for you. If you already feel like you don’t have enough hours in the day, then you don’t have enough time to plan an escape yourself—at least not the kind of incredible escape your family truly deserves.

This is why I started
Blue Ocean Travel Design, 

To give families a break from their scheduled-down-to-the-second lives and simply let loose, together, on a personalized escape. 

So hand it all off to me.

I invite you to connect on your free planning call, so you can get a BIG step closer to your easy, breezy Blue Ocean escape.


de-stress my vacation!

It’s Time to Say Ahhhhh

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